Remanufactured HP 67XL Black (3YM57AN) Eco-Saver Compatible 1 x Reusable Printhead and 3 x Ink Tanks

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Original price was: $80.99.Current price is: $60.95.

Eco-Saver Compatible Reusable Printhead and 3 Ink Tanks includes:
  • – 1 Reusable Printerhead shell (good for use with 3 Refill tanks)
  • – 3 Refill tanks

Replaces OEM # : 3YM57AN
Capacity : High Yield
Page Yield : 240 x 3EA
Color : Black

Original price was: $80.99.Current price is: $60.95.

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Print again and again for less with Eco-Saver Compatible Reusable Printhead and 3 Ink Tanks are easy to install, this multi-pack contains 3 67XL high-yield Black ink refill tanks and a new reusable printhead shell. To print, just insert a refill tank into the printerhead shell and install! Each refill tank is a new ink tank that has been tested for performance, quality and page yield so you get premium results page after page. The printerhead shell that holds the refill tank is a brand new printhead that can be used with a total of 3 refills.


How do we install HP 67xl ink?

The installation guide is suitable for the same original 67xl compatible printers.

hp 67xl

Simply put, it takes 3 steps to install 67xl ink cartridge, and the guide also applies to HP 67 ink.

Step 1: Remove the protective cover of the ink cartridge

Step 2: Remove the sealing tape

Step 3: Install the ink cartridge into the printer.

hp 67xl ink

How to replace 67xl ink cartridge?

67xl remanufactured ink has a OEM print head, which cannot be thrown away until run out of all ready-to-go ink cartridges as the 2 separate cartridges need to be assembly with the reusable print head. The operation of replacing the cartridge also only requires 3 steps:

Step 1: Press the “Push” button, take out the used ink cartridge, and keep the reusable print head.

Step 2: Put the new ink cartridge into the reusable print head (Note: Please confirm whether the chip is inserted in the correct directions)

Step 3: Install the ink cartridge into the printer.

More intuitive tutorial, please refer to the following video:


Compatible Printers

DeskJet 1255DeskJet 4120eDeskJet Plus 4158Envy 6422e
DeskJet 2710eDeskJet 4121eEnvy 6010eEnvy 6430e
DeskJet 2720eDeskJet 4122eEnvy 6020eEnvy 6432e
DeskJet 2721eDeskJet 4123eEnvy 6022eEnvy 6450e
DeskJet 2722eDeskJet 4130eEnvy 6030eEnvy 6452e
DeskJet 2723eDeskJet 4132eEnvy 6032eEnvy 6454e
DeskJet 2724DeskJet 4152eEnvy 6034eEnvy 6455e
DeskJet 2725DeskJet 4155eEnvy 6050eEnvy 6458e
DeskJet 2732DeskJet 4158eEnvy 6052Envy 6475e
DeskJet 2742eDeskJet Plus 4122Envy 6052eEnvy Pro 6420
DeskJet 2752eDeskJet Plus 4132Envy 6055eEnvy Pro 6455
DeskJet 2755DeskJet Plus 4140Envy 6075Envy Pro 6458
DeskJet 2755eDeskJet Plus 4152Envy 6420eEnvy Pro 6475e
DeskJet 4110eDeskJet Plus 4155

1 review for Remanufactured HP 67XL Black (3YM57AN) Eco-Saver Compatible 1 x Reusable Printhead and 3 x Ink Tanks

    Khan T.
    June 22, 2022
    Thanks for a great product at a good price
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