About Us

About InkSell

InkSell is a division of PNJ TECH INC. of San Antonio, an information technology company founded in 2012.

InkSell was launched to give the public affordable printing supplies. It brings to Acecom a new line of products including inkjet cartridges and laser toners, fax and copier supplies, inkjet refill kits, specialty media products like photo paper and glossy inkjet papers, and data storage media including recordable DVD and CDR disks.

InkSell’s goal is simple to offer affordable supplies for computer printers, fax machines and photocopiers. We promise you superior quality and service at unbeatable prices, and in return, we hope to earn your continued business.

Mission Statement

  • To Lead the Printer Ink industry
  • To Assure consumers a choice of quality ink products and services at an affordable price
  • To Advocate an environmentally friendly business, promoting recycling and reuse of Ink Cartridges
  • To Cultivate a dynamic work place allowing our employees the opportunity to reach their full potential
  • To Maximize our returns for investors

Our customer service team is one our greatest assets here at InkSell.com. We depend on the loyalty of our customers. We’re very proud that when our customers have an urgent issue they can immediately speak to a person with intimate knowledge of every aspect of our operation.

Our shipping department is just as essential. Our shipping team may be the hardest working crew at InkSell.com. Each day they process hundreds of orders, keeping a close eye on order accuracy and speedy delivery. The team also navigates InkSell.com’s huge warehouse selection, and they possess a wealth of knowledge on just about every product we sell.